Hernando Beach Property Owners Association - Gulf Coast Waterfront Community

     The Hernando Beach Boatlift is owned by all the property owners of the indirect access side of Hernando Beach, that is all the streets off of Hermosa Blvd and in Hernando Beach South. It is incorporated as the Hernando Beach Boatlift and Improvements Inc, and used by all of the indirect Gulf access property owners of Hernando Beach. The indirect access side is about half of the property owners in Hernando Beach. The canals on this side of the community is closed off from the Gulf Of Mexico by an earth berm surrounding the  area due to a 1970's lawsuit that the Army Corps of Engineers and Florida State DEP filed and won against the developer of Hernando Beach. The canals on this side of Hernando Beach are brackish water with a much lower salinity level. Residents use the boatlift to move their boats from their canal system to the direct Gulf access side of Hernando Beach and travel to the Gulf via Snapper and Marlin Canals. The boatlift is over 35 years old and is slated to be replaced in 2019 with a new lift of similar design and capacity. Boats using the lift must be no more than 25 feet to use the boatlift and of a low superstructure above the water. Boats such as a pontoon or run about type of boat with a bimini top that drops down are perfect as they can pass under the low bridge at Companero Entra Drive located immediately north of the boatlift. Boaters using the boatlift should be aware of the tides to ensure that they always have clearance to safely pass under the bridge.

    If you are a property owner or resident of the indirect side of Hernando Beach and need a key to the boatlift contact Cal Holland at 727-433-3834. 

If you have problems using the lift or it breaks down call one of the local phone numbers on the sign posted at the boatlift. 

Do not call FHS or the 800 number as their response time can take days.