Tuesday ​GAME DAY 

 & ​Florida Fundays!

Contact Joan Puls for more info:

If you want to meet your neighbors and make some friends, join HBPOA. HBPOA in addition to its monthly meetings now includes so many activities, including Game Day, Ladies Breakfast, Dinner Club, Bowling, Bridge, Poker, Sight seeing trips and more! There's no better way to enjoy where you live than to have fun and live Hernando Beach Life! Love where you live!


Support the Public Information Workshop (Policy 37-1) for Variances and Zoning Requests in Hernando Beach by being a member of HBPOA, staying informed about zoning changes and variances that could affect your property value or quality of life. Being informed provides you the opportunity to speak at Planning & Zoning meetings and Board of County Commissioner Meetings to express any issues or concerns that you may have.

No one property owner should have more rights than combined property owners whose property values or quality of life is changed by a variance or zoning change.


  January 5, 2023 - Lilly Browning - Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program Coordinator

​  February 2, 2023 -  Chris Linsbeck - Hernando County Community Services Director

  March 2, 2023 -  Carmen Bruno - Solid Waster Management

  April  6, 2023 - Frank McCabe - Hernando County Code Enforcement Supervisor

  May  4, 2023 - 

  June 1, 2023 - 

  July  1, 2023 No Meeting Currently Scheduled

  August 3, 2023 - No Meeting Currently Scheduled

  September 7, 2023 - Ice Cream Social

  October 5, 2023 - 

  November 2, 2023 - 

  December 7, 2023 - (Date tentative for Christmas Holiday Party & Dinner)


Monthly HBPOA

If you are interested in attending our Ladies Monthly Breakfast please contact Hospitality Committee Chair Diane Ziemski.

Hernando Beach Property Owners Association - Gulf Coast Waterfront Community

Game/Destination Day Schedule for 2023:
3/14-Wearing of the Green with Carolee and Everything Leprechaun!

3/21-Diane S. and Destination Day! 3/28-Corn-Hole Mania with Gail-igan!

4/4-Those Crazy Greeks! Baklava Fun with Libby at Patty's. Greek Games and Everything OPA!

4/11-JoLynn's First Game Day! Not sure what we're doing, but it probably will involve wine!