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Chapter 6 - Animal Control Ordinance

The invasive species ordinance in Hernando County is being updated to include White Lead Trees. Hernando Beach is the main focus as it has the largest population of not only White Lead trees but Brazilian Pepper trees as well. In the next year county staff will be holding meetings and sending out information through brochures about their plans to eradicate these trees from our coastline.   Hernando County will remove then from county right-of-ways and property,  and property owners will be notified to remove them from their lots or face fines.  If the county has to remove them from a property owner's lot they will put a lien on the lot for the cost of removing them.  Removal must be done properly to prevent regrowth of the trees. It should be done by a landscape or tree service licensed to properly remove them or the trees will grow back.   

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Boats & Waterways Regulations/Ordinances including Hernando Beach Boatlift

PDF file about removing Lead trees & Brazilian Pepper trees

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FEMA Highlights ASCE Standard 24

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White Lead trees have small flowers that turn into long seed pods. The pods turn brown, open up and drop off with the seed then blowing in the wind. The Brazilian Pepper male and female trees that have small white flowers with the female trees growing green berries in the summer that turn red during the holidays. Male trees do not develop berries. The sap of the Brazilian Pepper can cause a skin reaction in some people similar to poison ivy. A broken branch has a turpentine like scent.

Hernando County Comprehensive Plan

Community Appearance Ordinance & Landscaping with list of prohibited species soon to include White Lead trees

Chapter 13 Flood Control Ordinance for Coastal Flood Zones

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Chapter 8 - Building Regulation - Coastal Construction Code

Creation of Hernando Beach Municiple Fire Dept.