Hernando Beach is a distinctive, residential waterfront community on the Gulf of Mexico.  Mile long canals offer tranquil waterway passage through our neighborhoods bringing nature to every door. Our community and canal systems were officially platted out of Florida’s coastal wilderness in November 1959 making this the last manmade waterfront community in Florida.
    Surrounded by an estuary (the second largest sea grass bed in North America) on one side and the 11,206 acre Weeki Wachee Nature Preserve/State Park on three sides, our locale is unparalleled in offering a true “Adventure Coast” experience for both residents and recreational enthusiasts.  The preservation of these ecological features has shaped our past and present, and will provide the framework for the future growth. Effective July 1, 2020 much of our area will become part of the Nature Coast Aquatic Preserve which will join the other west coast counties along Florida. 
    As well, our community blends diverse residential, business,  marine, and commercial interests along a small, but vital corridor.  Recreational and retail operations bring energy and entertainment along Shoal Line Boulevard.  Commercial fishing activities and the public boat ramp are collected in the north end on Calienta Street.  This balance has helped maintain the coastal charm of our “old” Florida heritage while encouraging a thriving restaurant district enjoyed by all of Hernando County.
    Our vision for the future respects the sensitive environmental and infrastructure concerns of a coastal community and the need to integrate these principles into future plans for our neighborhood.     

    Hernando Beach has three sections, the north section, from Eagles Nest Drive to Companero Entra, the middle section which is all streets off of Hermosa Blvd., and the south Hernando Beach section, which is deed restricted and has a mandatory home owners association called Hernando Beach South Property Owners Association.  Hernando Beach has two separate canal systems for access to the Gulf of Mexico. Direct Gulf access homes are located on saltwater canals that open directly to the Gulf, these canals are located in the area north of Companero Entra Drive. South of Companero Entra Drive are our private (not open to public access), indirect Gulf access canals which are separated from the Gulf by an earthen berm that surrounds this area keeping these canals mostly fresh water. Residents of the indirect access canals use the Hernando Beach boatlift to cross over a concrete plug which is part of the berm, thereby gaining access to the public, direct access saltwater canals and the Gulf of Mexico.

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