To join HBPOA you must be a residential or business property owner in Hernando Beach. HBPOA is a voluntary membership civic organization that meets monthly from January through December at 7 pm at the Hernando Beach Marine Group Training Center.  We publish a monthly newsletter called The Beachcomber with community information, events and ads from local businesses.  HBPOA is not a home owners association, we have no restrictive, or legal powers in our community nor do we police our community. However we are an active Civic Association with many committees whose volunteers look into and promote dialogue about issues that are of concern to our community. Our members are active in programs for the betterment and beautification of Hernando Beach. Our monthly newsletter advertises local businesses and keeps our members informed about happenings in Hernando Beach. When we work together we better our community,  empower our property owners, promote a sense of camaraderie amongst our residents, and pride in our community. Hernando Beach Property Owners Association is now celebrating its 29th year and is the oldest organization in Hernando Beach.

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Speaker, Jeff Rogers, County Administrator - Proposed 1/2-cent Sales Tax

Thursday, August 4, 2022 at 7 pm

4340 Calienta Street, Hernando Beach, FL


Membership Renewals are Payable by December 31 of every year

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Hernando Beach POA

PO BOX 3198

Spring Hill, FL 34611-3198


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The Hernando Beach vision seeks to shape a future for our unique waterfront residential community that preserves and enhances its natural features, while providing services and amenities that are integral to a vibrant, healthy, and fun lifestyle. Our vision celebrates nature's abundance on the "Adventure Coast" by preserving our peaceful “small town style” community and waterways while encouraging the enhancement of recreational and environmental experiences. 

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Meetings are  1st Thursday of each month  at 7pm at the HB Marine Group Training Facility 4340 Calienta St, Hernando Beach

Hernando Beach Property Owners Association, Inc. is a voluntary membership civic organization of property owners in the area designated as Hernando Beach. HBPOA gives those property owners a platform for a unified voice to government officials, and others, in order to protect their financial interest vested rights in their property in Hernando Beach.   Our members come from all walks of life bringing a vast range of skills, talents, and knowledge to Hernando Beach.  HBPOA members  join together in various committees utilizing their expertise to provide dialog about issues to local and state governments for the benefit of all property owners of Hernando Beach.  HBPOA members are welcome to join and contribute to various standing committees, as well as any "ad-hoc"  committees that are formed as the need  for them is identified.  

By working together we become, and are, a powerful voice advocating for residents of our beautiful coastal community.

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Membership payment online includes a $1.77 convenience fee.  You can pay your HBPOA Annual Membership Dues by PayPal, or debit, or credit card.

If an individual is the spouse or legal partner of an HBPOA member, they can become an HBPOA member by being properly listed on the member’s application form.  While such listing would make them a HBPOA member, they would not become a voting member until sixty days after they have become a member. Please visit our Bylaws link to learn more.